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3 Step Marketing Plan


It’s important to come up with interesting salon marketing ideas, but it's also really important to have a structured approach and for me it comes in 3 parts: Planning it, Living it and Reviewing it.



Planning it

Planning involves firstly clarifying what the campaign is, who it’s targeted at and what you are trying to achieve. Next you should identify any resources that are needed such as materials, equipment, products, training or expertise. Involve the team in the planning and ask for ideas that way you’ll get better ideas and they’ll take more ownership to make the promotion a success. Once you have a few good ideas, consider the options. Then finalise the campaign and agree targets.


Living it

Living the promotion is all about making it happen, communicating the message and walking the walk. It’s no good making plans if you don’t follow them through. During this phase you should firstly organise how the promotion is tracked e.g. via the computer or with vouchers etc. Once this is done brief the team on how it works, how it’s tracked and what the aim of the promotion is, checking their understanding as you go. You need to promote the promotion to the team if you want them to promote it to clients. Once underway; monitor progress, give performance feedback and encourage and support the individual therapists. It’s key to remain energised about the promotion to keep momentum going.


Reviewing it

The review stage is often forgotten, but it’s really important to evaluate the results to see if you achieved your goal or not. It’s also when you can identify learning points so you can improve next time. You should formally recognise team and individual success as well so that people feel valued and appraise performance to identify training and development needs.


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