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Salon Team Meeting Service


Salon Team Meeting Service


Get everyone on the same page, raise standards and communicate your vision for the business!


Regular communication of both your vision for your salon and the practical steps you want your team to take to deliver are key to running a successful salon. You may have a clear vision in your head, but one of the key things to making it happen in reality is to have regular communication with the team about it. Team meetings are therefore one of the most important methods of getting your message across.


This service starts with an in-depth consultation with the Salon Owner/Manager to understand the key aspects of the business and to clarify the message and then includes in-salon delivery of the meeting in conjunction with the Salon Owner/Manager with every employee covering the following:


  • Vision - how everything fits into the Big Picture and overall Business Plan

  • Operations – general operations issues, housekeeping, new things or changes that are happening

  • Performance - covering salon performance to target, what more needs to be done, highlighting good performance and pointing out areas for improvement

  • Training – review of training just done and upcoming training

  • Retail – discussion of current retail products or any new ones

  • Marketing  – planning the next promotion, discussing the current one and reviewing the last one


This inspirational session is conducted in a way that encourages input, feedback and ideas from the team so they feel part of the experience, take ownership of the issues and carry things out. This lays the foundations for regular team meetings that address day to day issues saving you time and improving the quality of your service offering to clients as well as focusing the team on the key drivers that grow the business.

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Salon Team Meeting Service

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