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Brexit Advice for Salon Owners

Change affects people in different ways and with the decision to leave the EU last week, we are going through one of the biggest changes we have experienced in years. Whichever way you voted, we saw democracy in action and there has been a result.


The point here for salon owners and indeed all small business owners, and perhaps even everyone, is to accept that not everyone will be happy about the decision and even many of those who voted to leave will feel insecure about the changes, even though they are happy about it. Therefore it’s important to be sensitive to people’s views and feelings, as everyone has the right to their own opinion.


With so much uncertainty around at the moment, what many people will be looking for is direction, familiarity, comfort and to feel secure, happy and welcome.


As salon owners and leaders, right now you should focus yourself and your team on delivering excellent service and getting on with delivering what you are best at – keeping our high streets alive, driving the economy and making people look and feel better!


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