Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas
Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas

Salon Workplace Pension

Are you ready?

The law has changed and it’s now a legal requirement for most salon employers to set up a Workplace Pension scheme by 2017 (do you know your Staging Date? We can help). Failure to do so can result in fines of up to £50,000. Act now!


Contact Us with your PAYE number and we'll tell you your Staging Date


Set Up of Workplace Pensions for Salons


Let us set up your workplace pension scheme for you. We specialise in setting up and administering workplace pensions on behalf of salons to comply with their automatic enrolment duties.


Salon Pension Scheme Set Up Service £995 plus vat


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In-Salon Rewards and Recognition Workshop


For most salon staff it will be a highly positive thing for them to have a Workplace Pension. Make the most of the opportunity to reward and motivate your team by including our optional Rewards and Recognition Workshop.


This highly motivational workshop focuses on the wider aspects of Rewards and Recognition getting the team to make the link between doing the right things and receiving rewards and recognition for their work. We clarify targets and get the team focused on the right behaviors and the key drivers that increase business and also include an explanation of what the new Workplace Pension means for them.


It focuses on the positive aspects that the additional benefits will bring that is sure to motivate and encourage good performance.


It's your chance to do something really special for your team that they will reward you for with their loyalty, commitment and increases in sales!


Salon specific option from £795 plus vat


Contact us on 07702 208 311 for more information.


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