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HJ Insider Analysis by Ryan Fox published by Hairdressers' Journal in October

Post Lockdown Rush

With 65% of salons saying that the initial rush following lockdown ended by either July or August for them, it’s clear you cant just rely on clients coming back on their own accord and much of this “rush” is just because they couldn’t have a proper cut or colour during lockdown. The next Qtr Oct to Dec will be very telling as to what the longer-term impact is on salons.


End of Extended Hours

It looks like the extension of hours (75% say they extended hours) which was necessary for many salons on reopening and had an overall positive effect on business, is coming to an end with 70% of salons saying they will not be continuing the extended hours.


Biggest Issues Right Now

With the no.1 issue being unfilled appointment slots and the 3rd biggest issue being clients cancelling or postponing appointments, its clear that this Sep has been very different from the norm and 68% of salons in the survey reveal their appointments and retail are down on last Sep. This signals that salons need to be more proactive with their communications and marketing in order to keep clients coming back.


Post Lockdown Strategy

Strategies brought in to manage the lockdown and the “post lockdown rush” now need to be adjusted to match the new normal. Many salons switched off their promotions and some automated email and texts that remind clients to book in on their cycle, these now need to be brought back, but perhaps adjusted to a new normal.


Cash Is King

It’s possible there could be another national lockdown and there will certainly be more local lockdowns and 29% of salons report that they have already been affected by these. With 66% of salons saying that don’t have enough cash to last another lockdown, now is the time to protect your cashflow more than ever and, with the end of the furlough scheme, you need to ensure you are not carrying team members who don’t have enough work.


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