Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas
Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas

Salon Communication


The Power of Language


This exciting new course is at the cutting edge of salon communication. Aimed at Stylists and Therapists, it explores how using the right language at the right time can help to achieve the right outcomes for the Client, the Stylist/Therapist and the Salon.


Stylists/Therapists will discover how powerful language can be and learn genuine techniques that will not only serve the Client better, but will help them achieve a higher performance level in terms of the number of products they sell, services they do and frequency of Client visit.


They will discover how to be more direct with their approach, what active listening skills are and when to use open and closed questions at the right points in the Client Journey.


This highly practical course includes live practice sessions involving group exercises, working in pairs and individual presentations. Extensive notes are provided for the sessions that contain examples of the words and phrases they can use for different scenarios and can be used after as an ongoing guide to success.


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