Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas
Salon Management Services to Hair salons, Beauty salons and Spas

Client Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients say about the service they receive and the benefits they gain.

Karine Jackson, Owner of Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty, Fellowship for British Hairdressing Chancellor and former BHA London Hairdresser of the Year

Ryan helped to make us more organised and focused. In the first year we saw a 33% growth in our turnover. If you want to take your business to the next level you should call him."

Sullivan Marchant, Dr Swede Salons, Chepstow

“The regular Salon Performance sessions give me some great feedback and show me what to focus on to make positive changes. I now understand how powerful a software dashboard is and having the information explained by someone who offers practical advice and knows how you compare to the market, enables me to make the right decisions for my business. It’s the right combination of technology and advice.” 

Kelly Hollingsworth, Vintage Rock Hair Beauty Tanning Ltd, Hertfordshire

“Ryan has been working with me this year in terms of developing my business through the use of the software dashboard information.  I have found the sessions valuable to the core of my business helping me achieve goals and identify problems that I didn't really know existed. I can now spend more structured time on the business as opposed to feeling STUCK in the business and concentrate on key areas with built in strategies along the way"

Roger & Michelle, Strand Hair, Luton

“Hi Ryan, just some feedback for you... the guys have been selling lots of products and also upgrading clients for treatments at the back wash since your presentation. Very pleased! Thanks and regards Roger and Michelle” 

Chris Poole, Tiffs Hair, Chatham

“Thanks Ryan for your ongoing support and guidance this year, we would like to carry on our membership again for the coming year please as you have become an extremely important part of our jigsaw. Much Love Chris!!”

Kelly Spratling, Owner of Ash Hairdressing Salons UK


"Ash is a huge name in Japan with over 100 salons. Our UK salon is based in Bromley, Kent and we have been working with Ryan for 5 years. We saw a growth of almost 50% in turnover in the first 18 months with the same number of staff" 

Paul Cochrane, Owner of Frankie Cochrane, Bloomsbury, London

"I have been working with Ryan at Umbrella for over 6 years now. He is my Business Guru...


...Imagine having a Business Manager, Personal Development Coach and Salon Computer expert on tap whenever you need them. We'll that's what you get with Ryan, at a fraction of the cost of employing people with these skills. I've been so impressed with the service that I've also taken on the Salon Accountancy Service, which is a better service than I was getting from my previous accountant at a reduced cost."

Amanda Machin, Amanda Bloom Hairdressing, Manchester

“I found our session yesterday extremely helpful. It was so useful to be able to go through our dashboards with someone who knows how to analyse them and make suggestions for improvement.” 

Beauty Salon, Surrey

“Thanks Ryan; excellent session and very insightful. I was probably aware of some of the information, but not in a structured or detailed way. I often don’t set time aside from the busy day-to-day stuff, however after our first session; I can fully see the value of doing so. Pre-agreeing the 'Skype' Reviews means that they are in the diary, take place and best of all, you'll do all the preparation, provide the structure and ensure the sessions are both meaningful and simpler for me to take positive action thereafter – fantastic!”

Kalpana Gurang, Owner of the Himalayan Day Spa, Chiswick, London


"When I met Ryan from Umbrella the Himalayan Day Spa was just an idea in my head. He helped me turn my vision into a reality."

Hannah Salkeld, Owner of OneThreeSeven Salon, Cranleigh, Surrey

"As a family business, Ryan is invaluable in helping us to remain objective by providing vital expert advice based on his many years of experience working in the industry."


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